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What others say about SHE

Marblehead Reporter

"To watch a board meeting in action is like sitting in on a meeting between guardian angels.  Board members throw out ideas and pinpoint the best ways to go about making someone’s life better. They have helped women through problems such as cancer, domestic abuse and financial duress. The group operates as a liaison between the client and the community resources that the client might need for support."

Cancer survivor, Peabody MA

"It's been a very tough journey for me. I do not know how I would do this journey without the help of your organization. You gave me courage & support...the gifts also helped...Thanks again for all your help."

Boston Globe
"SHE works on two levels.  Each month the network performs a 'random act of kindness' for someone who needs a pick-me-up or emotional boost.  It could be flower bulbs for a woman who's mother has died or bath products for a patient recovering from surgery.
And there are 'gifts of empowerment' which are larger amounts for items such as groceries, clothes, toys or furniture.  Emotional support ranges from phone calls to counseling to help cleaning a newly rented apartment."

Former client & current SHE supporter, Marblehead MA

"I was so touched — speechless…I just couldn't believe these people cared enough to help a stranger. And now they're not strangers; they are part of my life."

Marblehead Reporter
"Our concept is that we can empower women so that they can be independent, strong and successful", said Jennifer Lunt, Secretary on the SHE Network Board of Directors. "We help them get to the other side and move on with their lives".

Mother of four empowered by SHE Network

"They are lovely women and seem to understand life can deal some tough cards. They are just really supportive."

Former client & current SHE supporter, Swampcott MA

"I think they should call (SHE Network) the ‘Pay It Forward Network’. It makes me feel so good that there are women like this out there…Kindness is still prominent in Marblehead."


Salem News

"SHE's board consists of altruistic women with varied skills, in finance, accounting, occupational therapy, law, nonprofit management and medical fields. “Each board member brings her specific skill-set to the table,” said Loren Weston, a certified life coach from Marblehead"I was inspired by all of the women who were bringing their own specialties and skills to SHE Network.""


Marblehead Counseling Center

"It's unusual work because it's mentoring women who otherwise wouldn't have anyone to stand beside them when they go through tough times."

Holiday Appeal recipient, Beverly MA

"Thank-you so much for the gift bag yesterday! It was so exciting and surprising to see what was inside. My children and I are thrilled!!!! Thank-you so so so much! Hope you have a happy holiday! (we will for sure!)"

And finally...

"I just can't find the words to express how grateful and thankful I am to all of you...Thank you, thank you, thank you!"