Empowering women in need on the North Shore of Massachusetts

What is SHE Network

SHE Network is a 501(c)3 registered, non-profit organization based on the North Shore of Boston, MA that provides limited, community-based assistance for women in need, through a network of volunteer services.

SHE Network is committed to strengthening the spirit of women through organized support and random acts of kindness. Our goal is to empower women by providing emotional support, as well as practical help, professional guidance and referrals for services - always in an atmosphere of compassion and confidentiality. 

What We Do

Since 2003, SHE Network has been empowering women to deal with overwhelming situations such as domestic turmoil, illness & injury, financial and family issues or unemployment. Our services are tailored to each individual case and generally available to women not eligible for state assistance. These may include:

Emotional support and counseling 

Practical assistance with household needs

Referrals for professional services

Assistance with meals & groceries 

Limited financial assistance.

How We Empower Women

Regina's story...

My name is Regina McGorray and my four boys and I are a family that was helped by the SHE Network. I think it is important for volunteers and supporters of an organization to see the faces of the people they have helped, and to read the stories of the women and families that have been impacted. Everyone has a story, and certainly not every story is easy to tell. My boys, however, were supportive of me during our time of difficulty, and are now supportive of me during this time of honesty, so with their blessing, here is our story.

Read on for more of Regina's story about the empowerment Regina achieved with the assistance of SHE Network.


How Can We Help You?

If you're looking for assistance, please complete our simple, online  "Request for Assistance" with your information. 

All other inquiries, please contact us below. 

Thank you.

SHE Network

P.O. Box 46, Swampscott, MA 01907

Email: info@share-help-empower.org

How You Can Help

SHE Network services are provided through our volunteer network, with limited financial assistance offered through the generosity of our community. We're grateful to our loyal supporters who enable us to continue our work empowering local women in need. 

Donations are always appreciated. Click below to make an online donation or send a check made out to "SHE Network" to SHE Network, P.O. Box 46, Swampscott, MA 01907.

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